Frequently Asked Questions

Both businesses and householders are demanding higher standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The introduction of a wide variety of wheeled refuse bins across the United Kingdom for both refuse and recycling collections has created this market. Without effective cleaning, these bins quickly become smelly and germ laden. BIN BOUTIQUE offers an effective bin washing and deodorizing service to meet the needs of the modern hygiene-conscious family, who find it difficult and time-consuming to carry out this necessary cleaning themselves.
None – all you need is to show us you can operate and manage our business units. If you have faith in yourself, we will have faith in you.
No. Not at all technical, our purpose-built cleaning unit is safe and simple to operate. Specially designed and manufactured to our unique specification, it is robustly made, reliable and easy to use, has few moving parts and therefore minimal maintenance costs. There is some minor maintenance required, which will be covered by our operating manual, and dealt with in your business plan.
Operating a franchise means you are self-employed, and while no self-employment is risk free, good businesses are maintained by minimising that risk. A properly run franchise, being already a tried and proven business, will be less risky than that set up from scratch. The Franchiser having knowledge of business trends and opportunities, is therefore able to provide that initial and ongoing expert support the franchisee will often require. As a BIN BOUTIQUE franchisee, you will receive this support as and when you need it – we are only a phone call or an email away. BIN BOUTIQUE is actively seeking membership of the British Franchise Association (BFA) and the International Franchise Association (IFA), therefore approving and supporting these bodies, fully endorses their European code of ethics. As a member, we would be required to provide a ‘level of comfort’ to potential franchisees, demonstrating a viable, ethical and trustworthy operation.
When taking up a franchise, you are not so much buying a business, but the potential to earn, so even with all the offered help, whether you can build a successful franchise business is ultimately up to yourself. Of course, the Franchiser also benefits by the arrangements – through investment from franchisees he can expand his trade name and activities more quickly, and will also gain by the increased purchasing power for his own activities. Above all, the Franchiser gains commitment to the business and its customers via the local franchisee. But the Franchiser faces uncertainties, too – particularly in trusting his know-how, business name and reputation to others. It must be born in mind that though the Franchisee is the owner of the business, certain restrictions are of necessity imposed by the franchise agreement: