Our Environmental Mission

At Bin Boutique we are dedicated to reducing the impact our cleaning processes and products have on the environment, through embracing sustainable practices and consistently improving on our environmental performance.

Improving for Sustainability
Through on-going research and the development of new technologies, we are able to actively improve the environmental performance of our practices and products. We pride ourselves on using only biodegradable cleaning products and deodorisers. By doing so, we have significantly minimised and prevented emissions of waste and controlled our noise pollution and continue to strive for further improvement.

We also continue strive to utilize our natural resources more efficiently – energy, water and raw materials- and recycle resources and products where ever possible. We work alongside our customers to understand the environmental impact of our operations and our products throughout their life cycle.

Internal Management
It is important that every Franchisee and Master Licence holder acts in an environmentally responsible manner. So to encourage this, we strive to implement effective environmental management systems to ensure environmental awareness in all of our personnel.

Concerns and Compliance
At Bin Boutique, we respond to any queries concerning environmental issues from the local communities we operate in, and that from any other interested parties, and respect wildlife habitats in and around our areas of work. We will also meet the requirements of necessary legislation in the regions and countries that we operate in.

Suppliers and Contractors
We are committed to working with suppliers and contractors who maintain sound environmental operations and behave in a responsible manner.